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Self Build

Self Build For Your House | Self Build Schemes

What are Self Build projects and how could they benefit you? Self Build has become a popular format for people to use in order to get the house they desire at a much cheaper cost. There are a few different types of 'self build projects' however the main concept is the same. The idea is to undertake a portion of the work yourself, whether that be to manage the project, decorate the house, be involved in carpentry or any other form of trade required for the build. The beauty of this concept is that you can devote as much or as little of your time and expertese to the construction and still save on money.

How we can help

M. A. Clark Brickwork can help with a multitude of your Self Build requirements including: Bricklaying for outer walls (& face work), block walls, garden walls, paths, patios, extensions & conservatories, structural alteration and brickwork pointing (for traditional pointing click here).

Structural Alterations by M. A. Clark Brickwork, Structural Alteration Specialists - Marcus Clark - Whitstable, Kent, UK

Self Build (for your home)

If you have a piece of land and a concept for how you want your property to look, M. A. Clark Brickwork can organise everything from the architectural plans to the entire construction of the property. Plans and materials can be created with any scope of requirements needed, for example:

- Based on Cost - If you have an idea of how your home should look but have a strict budget, M. A. Clark Brickwork can analyse & source materials as well as strategize the design and labour to fit within your budget. Building to a strict budget? Feel free to contact us now to discuss your project and get a quotation.

- Based on Appearence & Design - If you have something more specific for the appearence of your home including: type of bricks and bonding style, type of roof tiles, window arches & bullseye's, period style of the home, intricate building features etc. All is achievable with M. A. Clark Brickwork. To discuss your project and get a quotation please contact us now.

- Utilising Land - The size of your land will determine or limit the overall size and features of your property. However it is possible to utilise the area in the design stage to increase the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or even garden and driveway space. M. A. Clark Brickwork has been helping people get the most out of their properties for over 20 years, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Structural Alterations by M. A. Clark Brickwork, Structural Alteration Specialists - Marcus Clark - Whitstable, Kent, UK

Self Build Schemes (Investing in properties with other trades)

A popular format for Self Build Projects is where trades share the resposibility of the build and cost. So how does it work? Regardless of the amount of properties being built the idea is essentially the same, where each person not only shares the cost of the land and materials but also works on each property for no fee.

For example: A builder, carpenter, electrician and ground worker decide to buy a piece of land and erect 4 properties to then sell. The cost for the land, plans, materials and other services required would be divided evenly between them. All of them would use their skills to build all 4 properties, and when each house is sold the profit gets divided evenly between them.

Building using this method can cut huge costs and allows bigger projects to be undertaken due to sharing the funding and labour required. If you're interested in starting a Self Build Project and need a building service, feel free to contact us now.